Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am not promoting rabid recycling, but I know this is a good idea. 

Barracuda Coffee in Richland, Washington is recycling their coffee grounds. I know. You are wondering if they are trying to make more coffee with used grounds, right? Well, that is treason to a coffee drinker.

No, they are giving the coffee grounds to their customers to use on their gardens. Coffee grounds are probably the best way to get rid of pill bugs (rolly polly bugs). It sure works for us in the Hill Country of Texas. 

Coffee grounds are used to repel insects away from peas in the photo at right>

You can also use unused coffee that got old and tasteless, or coffee being sold cheap because it is old.

The only down side is that as you accumulate the used grounds they end up sitting in some container destroying the ambiance of your home.

Cold coffee that might be thrown out can also be put on plants to acidify the soil. This is usually only important if you live in the Southwest of the USA.