Saturday, March 23, 2013


There are few people in America old enough to remember the days before the Oreo cookie. As a kid I loved them. We do not eat many these days because the ingredients on the label reads like a short novel, when it should have a maximum of seven ingredients.

But, you may still indulge Oreo cookies, and if you do you must wonder if there is a high tech way to open and separate the two halves of an Oreo. Kids of all ages have been trying to solve this issue forever. I certainly did my own research by opening just about every Oreo I ever ate. My Mom would laugh at me, but all discoveries come with sacrifices and misunderstanding by the masses.

So, finally, a man has invented an Oreo gun which separates the two halves. 


Only at this blog do we bring you the latest technology in coffee drinking and coffee break culture. 

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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Here is something happy from Europe. I have traveled the trams of Amsterdam. They are so small, and they wander all about in traffic as if the rails move around to the tram can get through. We have no trams in the USA, which is sad. They let you almost touch the scenery as you pass it.

So, here is a bus driver on his way to work in Germany or The Netherlands, can't figure out which.

"Show Me The Way" - Wien mit U-Bahn & Co from Christoph Sattler on Vimeo.